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Vietnamese Magic Mushroom (Psilocybe Cubensis Vietnam) is an old school strain that dates back to an era when Psilocybe Cubensis was discovered for the first time in Cuba (Earle, 1906). The Vietnamese strain was first collected in 1907 as Naematoloma Caerulescens (which is now synonymous with P. Cubensis) by Narcisse Patouillard a French Pharmacist and Mycologist. The first specimen was discovered in Tonkin (Hanoi), North Vietnam.

As a very old strain that has come to define what a Psilocybe Cubensis is in the modern era, expect very classical magic mushroom experience similar to Cuban and Golden Teachers. These shrooms are known for a good balance of spiritual and visual effects. The Vietnamese Mushrooms have golden caps and are generally medium to large in size.

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